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31 December 2013 @ 11:15 am
Happy New Year!  
A new year means a new beginning. It's unfolding new pages and starting a new chapter in your life. But before the year ends I would like to leave messages for the people who has made my 2013 special.

To my followers:
I just wanted to thank all of you for bearing with my shit, especially this year. This year was really tough for me, I know I don't show it and I know you guys don't know about it, but it was bearable because of all of you. When you talk to me, it makes my heart feel lighter. It makes me forget everything for awhile. I know you guys are somehow afraid/intimidated by me, but please don't feel that way TTTT I'm not scary and I don't bite (unless you're food). I'm just a normal ordinary girl so you don't have to be afraid. We're all alike and we fangirl over the same people so don't be scared to tweet me TTT if you guys have any problems, you can always come to me. I'd love to help you guys out! We're gonna go through 2014 together, so we might as well help each other out too. Thank you for all the memories. For the fun moments and for the bad moments too. We've been through alot this year and I'm glad I got to experience it with all of you! Happy new year and I love you guys ;u;

please don't call me senpai, I really really really don't like being called senpai ==

May (luhanns):
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOUUUU!!!! I was actually surprised that we ended up becoming friends HAHAHA I mean I know we were friends back in Grade 6 but we stopped being close after awhile. I never expected to become friends with you again because of Kpop, but I'm glad I did! I'm glad to have a friend like you in my life. You get to see both sides of me (or all sides of me HAHA) I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings....especially with my jokes. You know I do that because that's my way of showing affection right? :( sorry also for not getting to hang out with you often this 2nd term, I'm really too busy with EVERYTHING. Also, sorry for not really telling you what I'm going through right now (it's not about a boy, just saying), I just don't want people to know about it :( I'll tell you soon when I'm okay. Thanks for always listening to me and for being by my side all the time. Thanks for being a friend I know I can count on. Thanks for just being there for me. I'm not good at expressing my feelings so I really don't know how to put everything into words. But I'm really thankful. Know that I'll always be here for you no matter what happens. You can always run to me when you're happy or sad or mad or not feeling anything at all. Never forget that we're #MAYZO and nothing's going to change that. I don't even know why I'm making you this message, I get to see you alot anyway HAHAHAHA let's hang out in your house soon with Richie and Karla!! I love you, May! I hope we get to stay friends for a loooooong time. Have a happy new year!!

Kai (prettyluhan):
Happy new year to my twin who I love very very very much! Thank you for being a part of my life since 2010! I know even if we were both ELFs back then we didn't talk to each other much. I remember the first time we actually talked was when I went to Korea and I posted a photo of myself and you told me I had nice hair lol I'll never forget that because that was the start of our friendship. You're someone who's always been there for me when I'm done. Someone I know I can lean on and someone who'll be there for me. You're someone I know I can tell anything and everything to. Even those things (you know what I mean). I've always had fun making lame scenarios about our boyfriends with you. It sounds so stupid sometimes but it's still really fun lol. I know we haven't personally met each other yet and it makes me so sad because I really want to meet you. When you come here don't forget our bubble tea date (or fine not bubble tea but just a date) with Julienne!! You'll always always always be the Lu to my Baek. You'll also always be my twin forever and nothing's gonna change that. Know that I'm here for you no matter what happens, I'm just a tweet/text/fb message away. I hope for 2014 we get even closer. I just want to thank the Kpop gods for making us meet each other. My fandom life would never be the same without you. I love you!

Ate Richelle (mybrokoro):
You're someone I just met this year but you've already made a huge impact in my life. You're someone I'm glad I met online. I don't think my 2013 would be the same if you weren't a part of it. Thank you for being the big sister I've always wanted to have. Thank you for loving me and taking care of me like I really am your little sister. Thank you for always looking out for me, especially when I'm feeling down and sad. I could always tell that you genuinely love and care for me and I'm so thankful for that. I really love you and I don't how I can express that. I feel really lucky to have a friend like you! I know I don't show it (because I'm bad at expressing my feelings) but I really appreciate everything you do for me. Like literally every single thing, even the little things. I can't wait to meet you T___T you're someone I really love and care about. You told me that when I have problems I can always come to you because you're always lurking, I hope you know that it's the same for me too. I'll always be here for you no matter what! Thank you for making my 2013 a special one Ate Richelle! I love you <3333

Toni (nihaolu):
Hi Toniiiii!!!! I'm so glad we got close to each other this year T___T I remember how we met and that's through my askfm lol. Even if I deactivated you were there for me and I'll never forget that. You're one of the kindest people I've met on Twitter. You always talk to me even about the stupidest things and that makes me really happy. I love how you laugh at almost all my jokes, even I laugh at my own jokes at times (lol just kidding). Even if I'm older than you, it's as if you're the older one because you give me really good advice. I hope you know that I'll always be here for ya! Don't ever hesitate to mention me or anything. I'll be right here! When you come here during the summer, I'll make sure to make time for you! Just pray I don't have class that day since my classes end in May :< I love you, Toni and stay happy!

Alyanna (densingboi):
to the only person who calls me Chewy Ooie, happy new year!!!!!! You know how glad I am to have you in my life right? Thanks for being with me ever since my Teen Top days. You've been with me through so much and I'm so happy it's you. I'm glad I can tell you anything (remember P LOOOOOOL) and not feel uncomfortable about it. I hope 2014 will be good to you and me. I hope your love life blooms too (I know it will) I hope you stay happy Alyanna! Whenever something bothers you, you can always tell me. I'll be here for you, always. You have my number so I'm just a text away. :) I love you, Alyanna and have a happy new year!

Julienne (EXOGASM):
my one and only Bullienne, I hate you with all my heart and soul....okay fine lbr. You know that I love you right? Even if we don't talk as much as we used to I still love you. I consider you as one of the people I really really really love on Twitter. You've been there with me since the very start of it all. I was ilovesmtown and you were DONGHARR, good times good times lol. But I do really love you and you mean so much to me, you have no idea. It makes me sad how we don't talk to each other that much anymore because I do miss you, a lot. I've always had fun talking to you even if you bully me 100% of the time. Remember Suho classmate? Brings back so much memories lol. I'll never forget it though because it was the first time we met. That was May 9, I think? Anyway, thank you for being a great friend even if you bully me alot. I hope you know that I'll be right here. And I'm willing to listen to whatever you have to say. I can't wait to hang out with you soon!!!!! Even though we somehow drifted apart this 2013, you're still always in my heart! I hope 2014 will make us closer again! I love you, Julienne!!!!

Janna (soorbett):
sometimes I think we're soul sisters because we just get each other about almost every single thing lol. To Janna Banana, thank you for being part of my 2013 and for seeing my heart get broken about 409620727017094721 times. Thank you for being there with me through the heart aches and all the happy times! I really enjoy talking to you because you're so funny and nice and you use words I don't think I've ever heard before lmao. It's like you have your own dictionary and I think that's cool, I learn alot of new words from you lmao. I hope you know that I will always be here for ya! If a guy ends up breaking your heart, you have to tell me asap so I can stab him in the heart and shoot him and bomb his house and then massacre his whole family (lol I'm kidding). I hope 2014 will be good to us (especially our love lives). But there's no need to rush, the right time will come. Whoever your future boyfriend will be, you have to tell me about it. And I'm sure your future boyfriend will treat you right and love you and care for you and make you kilig all the time hehehehe. I love you Janna!!

Nikki (sekailu):
I know this year has been hard for both of us but I know we'll get through this! You're one of the strongest people I've ever met on Twitter. You're also always so happy and you're rarely sad, and I like seeing my soulmate that way. I hope you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I love how we think alike and we sorta have the same preferences, that's why we get each other. You're the second person from Twitter that I've met and I'll never forget that. You got me a Polarlight banner and I was really touched T____T We go through the same pb pains and bias pains, it makes me laugh and smile. I hope we get to see each other again soon, Nikki! I love you, soulmate.

Cee (ughsehun):
to the only one who calls me oppa and baby >3< hi Cee! Happy new year! Thanks for being such a great and amazing friend! Thanks for being the shoulder I can lean on when I'm feeling down. You're a very very very special friend to me. I remember that one time we had a misunderstanding, that really hurt me. I thought after that we wouldn't be friends anymore. I don't think I could take it if I lost you TTTTT I hope you stay cool and true to yourself. You're one of the very few people I have on Twitter who isn't afraid to tweet and say whatever they want. You're frank and straight-froward and I think that's a really good thing. I hope we become even closer this 2014! I love you! <3

Cass (pinksabers):
we've known each other for about 4 years now and that's a really long time! Back when I was a hardcore Sone I thought you were kind of scary and it's mostly because we have different opinions about almost everything. But I guess opposites attract, right? You used to be my baby and now you're somehow like my lover which doesn't really make sense I don't get how we evolved to that kind of relationship lol. I'm sorry for bullying you and being mean to you all the time, it's just the way I show my affection to the people I really love. I'll try to tone it down this 2014, but I won't promise you anything. Thanks for constantly sending me Sehun fancams, it makes me want to strangle and choke you. Like you should never send me those kinds of things T________T but at the same time I really appreciate it because I secretly enjoy watching him and looking at his face. You're always someone I know I can lean on. I love how you always mention me on Twitter even if my tweets don't really make sense. I'm also sorry if I forget to reply to your tweets ;_; it's because I get flooded with mentions I forget to backtrack everything and the time I backtrack an hour has passed so I don't really reply. But I just wanted you to know I don't do it intentionally T____T also thanks for sending me that EXO-K group photocard. I feel really touched about that :') I love you, Cass, even if I bully you all the time. You'll always be the cutest pao to me!

Rocky (frenchbaeker):
the first thing I'm going to say is, I MISS YOU. You never visited me in Taft and I hate you for it u___u anyway, thanks of being my Tumblr girlfriend since the beginning of time! You are the first ever Paulinian who actually knew my identity back when I had Tumblr lol so you're special to me. I feel like I can tell you anything and everything. It's weird because we were never actually friends until Kpop happened and I'm glad it did. I can't imagine not being your friend. You're welcome because I know I always make you laugh HEHEHEHEHE just kidding. Thank you so much for everything, Rocky! I miss talking to you and hanging out with you. Visit me soon please :( I know you want to anyway because gwapo boys everywhere HAHAHAHAHA have a happy new year! Love u

Jenney (teleluhanesis):
to one of the cutest people I know <3 hello Ying!!!!! Happy new year!!! I'm so glad I got close to you >u< I'm thankful I backtracked my followers and found you!!! Thank you for being a part of my 2013 ;u; thank you for being an amazing friend. Thank you for bearing with all the crap you see on my p/a. Thank you for always complimenting me T________T I'm honestly not used to it and I actually don't know what to say and how to react that's why most of the time I don't, but I really appreciate all your compliments <3333 when I read your letter I was actually very touched. I'll always be here for you, Ying! I'm just one tweet/Line message away! I'll be your big sister forever and I'm going to take care of you and shower you with my love. I hope you know I won't let anyone hurt you because I don't like seeing you sad :< don't ever send me Sehun or Kyungsoo photos ever again, okay? If you do I'm going to fly to Cali and strangle you to death. I love you, Ying!!!
Shai (fanyism):
I MISS YOU SO MUCH T___T my conyo life isn't the same without you. The last time I saw you was Jacky's debut and I can't believe we never got to hang after that :< :< thanks for being my friend since 2nd year!!!!!!! It was really funny how we met, I'll never forget that. It was like we were meant to meet each other for some reason (hahaha jk) I really really really miss talking to you and we need to catch up with each other ASAP. I'm going to be very busy next term (or just until the end of Univ week) and I promise I will try to go out with you. Be proud of me because my conyo-ness made bawas na! Well not really but it is getting bawas-ed AHAHAHA. Although I still make up my own words, but mostly yeah not that conyo as before! I love you and I miss you, Shai! You'll be my conyo sister FOR LIFE.
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Gerz (inpiniteuz):
hi Gerz! I know this year has been tough on you, but I hope you won't let it get to you. I know you also started cutting yourself and I want you to stop doing that TTT you're a really pretty girl, I don't think you should be giving yourself scars. Especially those physical scars that everyone can see. Even if things get hard, cutting is never the answer. I love you, Gerz, and I don't want you hurting yourself in anyway. When things get rough, I'll always be here. You can always tell me what's wrong and if you're feeling sad. You have alot of friends and we'll always be here for you. You're not alone, we're gonna go through this with you! Thanks for being a part of my year once again! I miss talking to you TTT I know we've been really busy so we don't get to talk as much, but I hope when our schedules are less packed we'll catch up with each other! Myungsoo loves you but I love you more! I hope 2014 will be a good year for you! A year with less pain and sadness, a year filled with happiness!
Shu (wushixun):
the shoe to my sock <3 hi Shu!!!! This year has been totally different from last year. We barely talked this year because you're too busy with rl T^T I rarely see you on my tl, but when I do you just come by to say hello and stuff. But during this month you've been tweeting alot so I'm really glad. I miss the conversations we used to have. I miss hating on people with you lol. I miss talking to you and seeing you on my timeline. I hope next year you'll continue to do well in school! Make your sock proud hehe. Stay smart and happy! I love you, shoe!!!!!
Mia (minhoney):
hi Meeyuh <3 I rarely saw you on my tl, not until November T____T I miss talking to you alot. You're one of the people who made my 2012 a good one, and even though we didn't talk as much during 2013 you still mean alot to me! I hope you do well in your studies this year! I heard you now have a love life ooooooh. I hope even if you have that you're still gonna focus on your studies. And don't forget Minho, okay?? Also don't forget me T__T stay happy Meeyuh!

Patti (chanyeolcanunot):
hey Patti! Happy new year to you! Thanks for being part of my year once again! I know school's been killing us both, but I know we'll get through it. All of the efforts we make will be worth it! I hope you stay happy and sweet! Continue loving Chanyeol, okay? Lol I remember back then you helped me with my El Fili because I had trouble with Tagalog. Thank you for that! Have a happy new year \o////

Hannah (ohgasms):
to my Hannah Banana who I love very very very much, happy new year to you!!!!!!!!!! We've always been friends back then but never because of Kpop. It's weird that we became close again because of this. I would've never thought you were actually a Kpop fan, seriously!!!! But I'm so glad Kpop made us close again. You're one of the people I really really love because you're so cute and funny just like me :-) hehehehe. Thank you for listening to all my kwentos.....even the sad and stupid ones :( I'm glad we go through the same crush pains all the time. Boys are stupid, let's just stick to our biases HAHAHAHA. Btw you owe me alot of kwento! I don't know what's going on with you na :( I just wanted you to know if that boy breaks ur heart I'll break his pen........cils. And his face!!!! I hope 2014 will be good for both of our hearts. No more heart breaks and I hope we meet a decent guy, hopefully. Love u Hannah Banana, stay cute and funny!

Jasmin (byungjoes):
to my gurlfran <3 hi Jasmin! Happy new year to you!!! It's been awhile since we actually /talked talked/ and I miss talking to you! I know the both of us has been really busy this year but we'll manage! Thanks for being such a great gurlfran and friend! I really really miss talking to you u_u I hope everything will go well for you this 2014! Ilu Jasmin <3

Jam (KRlSTAO):
hi Jam, happy new year! I hope you're doing okay! I know college has been killing the crap out of us and makes us want to kill ourselves, but we'll survive as long as we have each other. Stay funny and true to yourself!!! Sometimes I don't really get your jokes but when I do they're really funny lol. And please don't ever ever ever call me senpai u_u we are pass that already. We used to talk often so I'm not a senpai okay, I'm a friend!!! Stay happy and happy new year!!!
Jeremy (kangjeremy):
to the person who used to tell me he was my //soulmate// lol hi Jeremy, it's been awhile! Even though we don't talk as much you're still one of the stupid people who matter to me. Don't flatter yourself, okay? You gave me so much memories for the past years because you're such an idiot. I mean it lol. Stay weird and annoying. I think that's what I like the most about you. Thanks for always making me laugh by telling me stuff that doesn't really make sense. Have a happy new year!!!
Shayne (layixings):
hi Shayne!!!! Remember when you said hi to me in uni? LOL I'M SORRY ABOUT THAT. I'm actually really blind (well not really but usually I don't pay attention so I just stare) and I'm sorry u_u I actually don't see you around anymore and it makes me sad :c I wanted to make up for that stupid hi thing HAHAHAHA. Anyway, you give me so many good memories. Especially during summer '12. I'd always tease you about you and Yixing having spiky-haired babies and you'd tease me and Baekhyun about having midget babies. I really miss that DDD: it was you, me and Nicole ;_; you'd link me Baekhyun photos every morning and we'd usually wake up the same time ;_; Anyway, I know uni has been really hard on the both of us. And I can see how much you've been struggling. It makes me sad how you don't go online as much anymore and I don't get to see your lame jokes. But I know we'll get through it. I know we keep telling each other how we end up thinking of killing ourselves but I know you and I don't really mean it. It's just a thought but I know we'll never do it. Let's do well in 3rd Term, Shayne!!! We can go through the DLSU pains together. I love you and I hope 2014 will be a good year for the both of us!

hi Inah! Thanks for being such a great friend to me when 2013 started. I remember you telling me that I can pass all my CETs. I know I didn't but you gave me so much hope. I know we didn't talk as much during the second half of the year and it made me sad. I really miss you :< school just drifts me apart from everyone. I hope you'll have a happy new year. And I also hope we'll get even closer this 2014! I love you!
Cazia (parbaekhyuns):
happy new year, Cazia!!!! You're actually one of the few Baekhyun stans I enjoy talking to. I know we're not that close yet but I really want to get close to you! You're such a nice person =u= I do hope we get closer this 2014. I think you're really funny and sweet. And when I was sad you gave me advice and I was touched about it. I know it's hard for me trust people but I felt comfortable telling you. I really do hope we get closer =u= have a happy new year!!!

Kaydii (keyommie):
I actually didn't know what to call you at first because I know it's kind awkward LOL I mean I bet you think of me as "my batchmate's ate" so I wasn't really sure and sometimes I'm too shy to talk to you idk maybe it's because you know me irl and we never actually talked or something ;_____; but anyway I want to take the awkwardness away this 2014! I hope we get closer to each other \o////// I also hope you get to pass your dream schools because you deserve it! And for 3rd term, don't slack off. Work extra extra hard, especially for thesis! Have a happy new year!! <3

Timmy (fenqurl):
hi Timmy! I know we're not that close and all but I still want to thank you for being part of my year! Befriending you reminds me of my last term in highschool, since that's when I followed you lol. You always seem so happy and stress-free and I'm really jealous of that ;_; you're just in your 2nd year and there's still so much you'll experience and go through. Remember to study really really really hard because your grades will matter when it comes to college applications. Make sure you know what you want by 3rd year so you know which course and school you'll go to. Don't take the things I say for granted, okay? Trust me on this! Lol this is weird I sound like a mom ;_; I hope we get closer this year, Timmy! Happy new year!

Pau (madeinluhan):
hi Pau! (not sure if I should call you Ate or not lol) I don't remember how we became friends actually.....no just kidding I do lol. I deactivated my main and you followed me on my p/a and I let you in! At first I was thinking omg I don't even know this girl, but I'm glad I let you in! I think you're a genuinely nice person. Even though we don't talk as much, thank you for not judging me for whatever I say on my p/a. I hope we get closer this year!!!!! Sometimes I feel shy talking to you because idk maybe you don't want me to talk to you lol but anyway have a happy new year!!!!!

Bricci (byuntaenoona):
hi Bricci!!!11 <3 you ship BaeKai as hard as I do, this makes you really special to me. We have the same bias and the same home-wrecker too. I love how anything BaeKai automatically reminds me of you. You've been busy lately and you don't come online that often, but I understand. I hope 2014 will be a good year for you! A year with less stress! Stay nice and let's love BaeKai forever!

Linsey (kaiffelatte):
hi Linsey!! I remember the first time we talked and it was about unfollowers LOOOOOL. Anyway, I'm glad I got to meet you! You have such a strong personality, something I wish I had. You're always so frank and straightforward and you're not afraid of what other people will think ;______; you're also a super amazing dancer!!!!! I used to dance but I actually quit when I was 14 so I feel really jealous when I watch your videos (yes I do watch your videos). I also love how we ///connect/// not all the time but I know we get each other. And now that you're reading The Mortal Instruments there are more reasons to get along with you lol. Trust me that is the best series I've ever read (excluding Harry Potter of course). I like it waaaaay more than Hunger Games lmao. Anyway, stay cool and awesome Linsey! Have a happy new year!!! I know you'll find your Jace soon.

Dany (kailukai):
to my Dany baby <333 Happy new year to you! You haven't been online as much but that's okay, I still love you! I miss talking to you TTT you were really fun to talk to and I've always thought of you as a little sister. You're the only one who spells my name as Zoue which I will never get or understand why LMAO. Thanks for being such a sweet and lovely person! I love you Dany!
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gibberishbyunbaekhyun on December 31st, 2013 05:37 pm (UTC)
Zoie, you're so sweet! I'm flattered that you think of me when you see baekai! Do you know you're one of my fave baekstans?

I hope 2014 will be a great year for you too! Please know that if you need an unnie to talk to, I'm just a tweet away! I will respond as soon as I can! Heuheheu.

Yes, let's continue to love Baek and Baekai forever! <3